Is it really that simple?

I woke up early yesterday morning with a full moon in cancer, a mercury retrograde and a full grown panic I might be responsible for the death through suffocation of Milo, one of the two sausage dogs of Mandy's sons. Milo sneaked in my bed during the night and cuddled up under the blankets, I thought that might be the right time to write some stuff down, which was in my head for quite a while. Well, not before I shook him awake and he looked rather confused and a bit annoyed at me. Not dead. What a relief! 

Anyway, driven by moon or just the constant thoughts of starting to write again, there have been some major shifts and challenges, lessons of letting go and surrendering, struggle and miracles, and oh so many thoughts that want on paper.

As a quite experienced trainer I taught many students over the last couple of years on different topics regarding mental health, useful stuff how to better get our shit together, aim for goals, transforming outgrown beliefs or how to relax our exhausted minds and bodies. Most of the times I walk my talk. My experience fills up my teachings, and sometimes teaching, especially when it comes to new stuff, leads to new experiences. So as much I taught, I might got taught even more. But surely there is a part that may sound too trivial, too easy, which is not to be poured in a technique or science, but feels true and important to my soul, my heart and my body. So I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper after I knew the doggy was save and I got back up doing the work which always brought me happiness in an instance and did not fail to do so yesterday. I guess, I'm a fucking writer :-)


So here is, what is true for me, summed up in a list,  which for sure will expand. 


1. We are all able to adapt to nearly every circumstances. That's great until it isn't.

2. Change sometimes is very scary. It gets less scary when not changing gets the more scary option. Let's embrace change.

3. People always show you exactly who they are. Always trust your gut feelings.

4. Your body knows way earlier than your brain.

5. You can't force good ideas when feeling miserable and desperate.

6. Don't clench your buttocks.

7. Also don't clench your jaw.

8. Get your body grooving instead. Tune in. Check in. Ground yourself. Daily. 

9. Let yourself sink into your body. That's an amazing feeling, highly addictive. Feeling home in your own body.

10. Leave your mobile phone alone at home, in a corner, switched off. If I had a New Year resolution, this would be mine. 

11. Stop comparing yourself to who-the-fuck ever. It kills your joy and inner peace. And it makes you highly unattractive.

12. Actually letting go and surrendering are very brave things to do.

13. It's essential to learn to trust yourself. If you do so, you'll just know. There are times to relax and there are times to take action.

14. You can't manifest and control at the same time. Get your hands off the stirring wheel.

15. Once in a while you'll meet an asshole. That's inevitable. However, if you are surrounded by assholes all the time, guess what? Right, the asshole is you.

16. Stop repeating your own horror stories again and again. It just is not helpful.

16.a. Constant self reflection can be a smokescreen for fearing or not trusting yourself. After all, it keeps you busy and away from creation.

17. It's ok to seek help, ask for help, need help. Actually, people are happy, when they can help.

18. It's ok to withdraw when feeling exhausted and other people's noise gets too loud and you can't hear your soul's whisper anymore.

19. It's enough being a good human, you don't have to be nice. 

20. "NO." Train it. And get comfortable with it.

21. "YES." Train it. And get comfortable with it. 

Oh we all know our comfort zones.

22. Be clear and honest to yourself about your needs, also where you messed up. 

23. Don't buy bullshit of other people.

24. Cultivate your time alone.

25. Allow yourself pleasure and joy. You deserve it.

26. Don't fuck up your life with alcohol.

27. Take your time to gaze onto water or into the sky, look up to the moon and the stars and the rising sun. Observe birds flying in their formation. Watch people holding hands and taking care of each other. There is beauty. So much beauty.

Let it get you. Get teary. Feel and show your feelings. We are humans. That's what we are supposed to do. So don't play it cool all the times.

28. Farting is a process of letting go. Everybody farts.

29. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Watch your self talk. Stop beating yourself up and killing your spirit with harsh self criticism.

30. Tap yourself on your shoulder and hug yourself. 

31. Rest is vital. Rest is not a reward.

32. We all have more stuff in common than stuff that separates us.

33. Watch out for signs. Synchronicity is no hocus pocus.

34. Don't ever stop believing in miracles. The next one might be just around the corner.


36. Don't dig your nose into someone else's business.

37. Don't argue with people who end their statements with "Period." In fact, don't argue with idiots.

38. Learn to listen.

39. If you can't break down your knowledge into small, digestible and easy to understand bits, you did not get it. 

40. Know your red flags. Don't ignore them when they flutter wildly in your face.

41.  "Sorry, I did not know better, please forgive me". Asking for forgiveness and forgiving makes a big difference.

42. Healing can be dirty, messy and feel like an awful nightmare. Hold on.

43. Nothing lasts. Everything changes.

44. You can change your mind.

45. Don't take "it" personally.

46. As you're the main character in your movie, you decide about the genre.

47. Sometimes everything just sucks. Accept that and move on. It's okay to take a bath in self pity though, just don't stay in until you dissolve.

48. If you decide to stay in the drama at least savour it to the max. Be a conscious drama queen.

49. Find a practice that helps you quickly and profoundly. 

50. Read.

51. Listen to music.

52. Look up words you don't know in the dictionary.

53. Compliment others if it comes from your heart.

54. Get a cat. They teach you zen.

55. Perfectionism is boring and exhausting. Learn to trust your improvisational skills instead. Be a vamp.

56. The artist is never a 100% satisfied with his work. That's in fact what keeps him or her going. So make your art any way.

57. Making mistakes and failing at some point are part of whatever you call a success. Get comfortable with "shit happens." Every shitty situation has its "Witzwinkel" (joke angle), as soon you find that, things are getting better. Bring back the humour.

59. Weather you stress about it or you don't, it doesn't change what's actually there, but it definitely changes how you go through stuff.

60. Love yourself.

61. Some things cause distress like maybe this list ending at 61 and not 60, you little Monk. Lol. I did this on purpose. 

62. Let's make this end with an even number: Know thy worth! 


To be continued. 

Feel free to share if you found joy in reading.


Sending my love from my second home in UK, with burning cheeks and hot ears after a beautiful and long walk at the seaside. The waves were wild and mighty. There is so much beauty.








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